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#42 – Donuts and Do Not

Marcus and Alise are having a mixed bag of events going on, but first they got to taste some butternut squash donuts from Rockville Market Farm. Hear how social media can work when used correctly and good businesses respond to their customers. Thanks City Market in Burlington, VT! Marcus is going to be house poor, and is under water already as the pipe blows. Can that be it? Listen and find out. Share with a friend. We thank you for listening.

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#41 – Love & Social Media

We are back. But, be warned… we are back with a new take. Today, we talk about how social media is affecting our past relationships, and jealously that comes from observing some of our friends. Thank you for listening!

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Sazerac Cocktail Recipe

I had a wonderful surprise the other day when Alise presented me with a favorite cocktail, The Sazerac. And no, this is not the energy source that S.H.I.E.L.D was holding in The Avengers. This is a cocktail I have a hard time finding since many bars in the area do not carry Absinthe. If you enjoy and Old Fashioned then this may be something you want to try.


1/4 oz Absinthe
1 1/2 oz Rye Whiskey
3 Dashes Aromatic Bitters
1 Lemon Peel

In a Tom Collins Glass put in Absinthe and rinse around glass and empty out any extra into sink. This is only to add a small dimension of flavor versus overwhelming the drink with the anise and earthy qualities of Absinthe. Rub the lemon peel on the rim and place in the glass as a garnish and to add those lemon oils to the drink. Pour in Whiskey and dash in Bitters. Give the glass a quick stir and serve. Enjoy!

#40 – Special Report: Sneakers Bistro

Don’t mess with Vermont! Alise is on the warpath fighting injustice involving BACON and bigotry. Listen to the controversy and weigh in. Marcus tries to stay apolitical but Alise is taking bets that he can’t help himself. Homework for this episode is reading the Seven Days article about all the BACON backlash and Sneakers Bistro in Winooski, Vermont.

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