Try this Sonoran Hot Dog Recipe

Image Credit: Alex Farnum and Sunset Magazine

When you are in southern Arizona, you must seek out this wonderful version of the American classic. Every part of the country has a different spin on the hot dog, and this has to be the most packed, flavorful I have had… but I will do a taste test soon against my favorite Chicago Dog to make the final determination. If you can’t make it to Arizona, here is a recipe so you can make it at home. I would suggest being very hungry, because this is a lot on one bun.


4 tsp. mayonnaise
1 tsp. Sirachi or other hot sauce
Juice of 1 lemon
4 all-beef wieners (I am a fan of Hebrew Nationals)
4 slices extra-thin bacon
4 torpedo rolls or bolillos
4 Tbs. warm refried beans
8 Tbs. chopped avocado (or guacamole)
4 heaping Tbs. grated Monterey jack or cheddar cheese
4 Tbs. chopped onion
4 Tbs. chopped tomato
4 Tbs. Salsa Verde

Mix the mayo, Sirachi, and lemon juice, and put the mayo blend in a squeeze bottle for easy use. Wrap the wieners with the bacon slices so the dog is completely covered. Cook the wieners on a comal or flat top, rolling them over until the bacon is crunchy on all sides, about 7 minutes. Slice open buns, and toast them on the grill. When the bacon-wrapped hot dogs are cooked, put some beans and avocado on the roll, spreading on either side to help keep the flavors throughout the experience since it requires a big mouth to take a bite into this over-sized delicacy. Spread the cheese down the middle. Using tongs, put one piping-hot bacon-wrapped wiener on the roll. Top the wiener with onions and tomatoes. Spread the Salsa Verde across the top. Apply the mayo blend across the top of the hot dog (feel free to have fun with it).

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