Mighty fine pie…or a pie in hand.

handpie2My life has been 24/7 pie lately. The business is ramping up for the delectable summer season and pies are in demand.  I used to fear pie. Only grandmothers held the magical formula to heavenly pie. Something about the oil in their hands, their sweet voices, their gift from the universe…pie. I lacked the pie gene.

At the tender age of 22, I tried to make my grandmother’s chocolate cream pie. It was the stuff of legend – deep chocolate, creamy, golden crust.  My current boyfriend and my father were the lucky recipients.  I presented them my dark creation with pride – cut the first slice and suddenly, it was the great flood. Chocolate mess everywhere.  I was devastated.  And after that I shunned pie because it had shunned me.

Well no more…I took that bull by the horns and found that pies are not that hard. They do require a great crust recipe and they require patience.  Here is a great way to ease yourself into pie making…hand pies.  Consider them the adult pop tart!

My favorite flour vendor here in Vermont – King Arthur Flour –  has a tasty recipe for Strawberry Hand Pies. They are meant to look rustic so don’t get too fussy. And go easy on the crust….if you handle it too much it gets cranky and tough.  Enjoy those juicy summer strawberries!

Also, if you haven’t acquired the King Arthur Baking cookbook – you need it.  They make it SO easy.

Click the link to buy it or just check it out:

King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion: The All-Purpose Baking Cookbook

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