A Recipe for How to Make Corned Beef at Home

As I said on this week’s show, corned beef is a favorite of mine. I love the texture, the flavor, and I appreciate that this is not a cut of meat that took 5 minutes to make in a pan. This is hours of sitting in brine, slowly cooked over hours, and when sliced properly is so tender, it makes Kobe beef jealous. Again, this is a long, slow process so, for most, just go to the deli. I do, and it is worth it if you find a deli that makes it themselves and knows how to serve it. But, I wanted to find a recipe to share so, if you have the time and desire, you can make at home.

Now in looking all over for a great recipe, I found one that seemed to be pointed at the most. It is from Alton Brown who most of you know from the Food Network. One of my favorite radio hosts, Robb Spewak from The Mike O’Meara Show and TRSS on 1630 KCJJ, would point me elsewhere but, it seems that the masses win out. Just looking over the recipe, you should gain an appreciation for excellently done piece of meat. Enjoy!


Home-Made Corned Beef