Make the Perfect BLT – Bacon, Lobster, Tomato Sandwich

It’s the weekend, and I want a delicious sandwich. being an off day, I have enough time to put into making the ultimate BLT. Our friend, Chef John Delpha from the Belted Cow Bistro in Essex Junction, VT, makes this great sandwich every so often as a special. I am not of John’s caliber, but I am going to attempt to make this at home. Here is how I am going to make it:


1 Lobster – chunked
6 strips of Bacon
Celery Salt
2 tablespoons of Mayo
Heirloom Tomato (or beefsteak tomato)
Brioche Roll

Now, you can use any roll, but I chose brioche because it will stand up to the the centerpiece of this sandwich. The Lobster will be turned into a kind of lobster salad (I am sure you are familiar with chicken salad). Mix in a bowl the chucks of lobster and mayo. Add fennel, celery salt, and Sriracha to taste. Split open the roll and place a nice half your lobster mix on one side. Place 3 strips of bacon on top of your lobster. Cover with a nice slice of tomato. close up your sandwich and fill your mouth with delicious and decedent flavors. It has a great combination of textures and a little touch of heat so it is a wonderful way to enjoy the middle of my weekend.

Now for a nice beer and this day is complete. Have a great weekend yourself. A new episode of Love & Dishes will be out on Tuesday which will have a taste test of Hard Ciders. I know it will be fun for Alise and I. We hope you will like it too.


red hook lobster bacon lettuce tomato roll