What does a foodie need most?

We are about to start our NYC adventure starting with the 1st Annual StarChefs.com SMOKE@ICC to cheer on Chef John Delpha as his Belted Cow Bistro team competes with some of the BBQ elite. Alise and I had to put together some items we think are essential to every foodie. Now before I give you the list, understand that you can use a smartphone for some things, but what’s the fun in that? Ok, here it is:

  1.  7 Function Metal Camping Multi-Tool Essential Eating Utensil Food Knife – sometimes street food needs a utensil and I find that plastic forks and knives are not always nice, and this will create less waste because you won’t be throwing sporks out all over town.
  2. Knopf Mapguides – Alise introduced me to this collection of books which is a great resource for city maps and restaurant references. We find their descriptions accurate and on the mark. We will be taking the New York City book with us to help find those little out of the way places. This book is also small enough to fit in just about any reasonable purse.
  3. Time – make sure you give yourself on any trip some time slated just for yourself. For those who do business trips, we have a way of scheduling all the time and not taking a moment to take in the place we’ve traveled to. So whether it is business, pleasure, vacation, or something else… just block out some foodie time to explore and find something new.
  4. Share – I think part of what make foodies so great is that we are the geeks of food. So, take a moment after your experience and share it with others. Post on Yelp, a blog you like (like this one), or any food related site so that others can share in the experience and either follow in your footsteps and enjoy the same food or avoid the pitfalls because you found a lemon (not the good kind).

We hope you guys take some time, whether it is local or travelling, and go to someplace new. I find it is always worth taking a little time and trying something new rather than always eating at the same place. Alise and I have our favorites and we frequent them still, but once in a while, we get to add to the list because we drove an extra five minutes to experience something wonderful. Life is an accumulation of experiences – have one!

Enjoy your weekend.

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