A bartender’s guide that actually makes me uncomfortable.

Today, I was inspired by of recipes for holiday cocktails I read in the most recent issue of Imbibe magazine so I started a search for other mixology guides looking for more holiday treats like Eggnog variants. I am a huge fan of mixed drinks and unique combinations of alcohol flavors. The explosion of bitters has brought back some old classic recipes with a new spin. I recently enjoyed an Old Fashioned drink that was made with Grappa and Grape bitters. It was amazing and unique.

But, I stopped in my tracks, still feel sick to my stomach, and said out-loud to an empty room, “Who the hell orders this, buys this, or actually thinks this is something drinkers want?” I am so confused and ill. I am all about experimenting with flavors, but there are some ingredients should never be in my food or drinks. What do you think?

Image from Amazon.com

Image from Amazon.com


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