Spiced Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

I have read a book I got for Christmas which has been a page turner because it is all about bourbon recipes.

Bourbon by Kathleen Purvis


There a lot of great recipes, but let me share a very simple one of my own that I think you may enjoy.

Spiced Bourbon:

2 oz. Bourbon
Ginger Beer (spicy not sweet)

In a Tom Collins glass; place a couple of ice cubes, add the Bourbon, then top off with ginger beer. Give a soft stir and serve. I would garnish with a fresh sliver of ginger which you can get from using a peeler on a piece of ginger root. Just remember ginger bark is unpleasant to bite into so remove bark first before peeling. It is easy to make, but I think it is so good. The book had a similar recipe, but with ginger simple syrup. I like the spicy kick so I say keep the sweet away and enjoy the wood flavors of your bourbon and the heat from the ginger which is a killer combination.

Tomorrow, I will show you the recipe I used to make my Pinot Grigio Jelly. Stay tuned.