Strawberry Jam Success

It had to happen, right? I had to finally make a batch from beginning to end that came out right. Well, I did. Using my new favorite toy, I not only made as the title suggests, Strawberry Jam, but other flavors too. Let’s look at how I made the Strawberry Jam.

First I had to stem, hull, and clean the strawberries.

Using a straw to hull and remove stem in one motion.

I found this technique on YouTube, and it worked very well to get started. I then cut the pieces in half, and removed any extra hull that may have not been removed by the straw to avoid some sourness in my jelly.

Make sure you wash the berries in cold water first then rinse as you go to make sure you have no dirt or other leaf parts in your berry bowl. The berry bowl is just a bowl I used to put the 3 – 1 lbs. containers of strawberries. Once you get all the berries done, mash them with a potato masher to a consistency you like for jam.

Before putting the berries into the Ball® FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker, I put an even layer of 3 tablespoons of pectin on the bottom of the jam maker bowl. Then I put the berries over the pectin in an even layer. Make sure the stirring blade is in place before adding any ingredients. I hit the Jam button, and in 4 minutes the machine beeps to say, “Hey, add some sugar!”

Pour the sugar in slowly as the machine stirs. Then place the cover back on, and let sit until the machine beeps again announcing it is ready to place in jars.

Place the jars on racks, and let cool. Then your supportive spouse while the jars are cooling can make labels not only so you can identify the flavor, but so you have a new business name.

Introducing, MC Jammin’ – Strawberry Vanilla Jam along with other flavors I made.

It has been a lot of fun to experiment and play with flavors. I believe, Alise has bought more jars so that I can continue with this little obsession I am having at the moment. How much more can I do? Below is my batch of Strawberry Raspberry Jam in small 4 ounce jars.

What is your favorite jam/jelly flavor?