Hoooooooottttttt Wings!

In celebration of my recent gall bladder attack, I would like to talk about some fried food Alise made recently. This may be the last fried food I ever eat so I am glad it was memorable.

Alise is constantly picking up kitchen gadgets to add to our extremely small kitchen. One of her recent finds is a professional countertop fryer. It sat in our closet for months. But in celebration of the new season of Game of Thrones, she brought it out to make “dragon wings” or better known as Tennessee Hot Chicken.

Brined in hot sauce and salt water, they are juicy and spicy all the way through. She then dredged them in spiced flour and fried them. But the best part was the chili/cayenne oil drizzle right after they left the fryer. Juicy and VERY spicy!

I may have to bake these beauties in the future but they were so worth having. Well the pain meds are kicking in and I am sure Alise and I will be talking about going vegan tomorrow. Yeah right!