More thoughts from show #32

Alise and I had a conversation after….

“What a downer.”

“That was depressing.”

“Should we share it?”


I think that if we are going to talk about our relationship it should be real. Sometimes, you just go through stuff. Well, how well we deal with stuff is an important factor in knowing how you work together in a team which a relationship is. I am sorry if anyone didn’t enjoy the show because of my lack of pep. I know it is not cancer or some other horrible diagnosis. It is just the one I am going through and I complain all the same. Alise has been great to support me even when I know she has a nervousness about all this.

We mentioned a  few times about lifestyle changes. It will be hard to do. But, I will be trying some new foods, recipes, and activities to get myself healthier. I will let you know how it is going on the show. I am slowly cutting out wheat. I am trying it. I have noticed in the past that I get tired after consuming wheat, but most of that reason is because I consume a lot of it. But, Alise bought some millet bread and it is actually pretty good. I would not use it plainly on a sandwich, but when toasted, it is hard to notice a difference.

On a side note, Alise made some great Texas competition chili. It is awesome!

Be good, say hello to a friend, and hug someone you care about today.