Can you enjoy a dance when someone steps on your foot?

Just spent a great time exploring The Oregon coast and Seattle. I wish I could have stayed longer in Seattle since the city appears to have similar feel as Burlington, VT while being larger and more urban. I made it to the airport about 5 hours early for my flight. It was very handy to get a seat and early on the volunteer list. I was able to also find a charger for my iPad and access for my computer. For those of you who frequently travel, you will understand the challenge of getting a socket that you can be close enough to protect your belongings let alone just one that is available.

Now, these are all positive things, but someone has to ask… 5 hours? Seems a bit extreme for getting to one’s plane on time unless you are trying to get a stand-by flight. Well, I made it happen while having an enjoyable experience with my wife at a new foodie find.

For the regulars of the show and blog, you know this is always trying to cover our love of food and each other. I do love my wife. I do love discovering new and exciting places with extraordinary food. But, something was brought up. To be honest, I am not sure how it started, but it ran into a discussion about the balance we face being a mixed house with visiting kids, parents, step-parents, and all the eat of the family. Fingers pointed. Blame leveled. And, for me confusion becomes frustration. I got to the point where I said, ” I can’t fight anymore.”

I don’t know about you. But, I hit a limit when disagreeing. When I feel the original subject is lost, I have to bail. I am not equipped to fight sometimes when the topic is on a tangent. When I tried to eject I also suggested that if this was going to continue, I should just go to the airport.

Well, what is next? Don’t know. I can only say that I had over the last few days gotten closer with my wife. I had many moments of pure joy. We made each other laugh. We were in a positive place and I felt better about returning and taking on the world together. But in one moment, we left without words spoken. I got on a plane still confused. I feel down, because there was a suggestion of moving on. All the world was mine, but so quickly it feels gone.

Now, I am flying on a plane that is shaking like a martini, and my guts are questioning my survival. I will be ever so happy to be on the ground. Yet, I still have one my flight to finish this cross country trip.

Let me say this… I do love her. I do appreciate what she has brought to my life and my family. But, I think of my family as ours. I hate that a fact of life is that one oops can cover up a lot of accolades. Maybe I said something wrong. Maybe I let it go too far. We are passionate people.

Life is too short. Life to too precious. And, this is why I chose her. Because, life without her is less.