#40 – Special Report: Sneakers Bistro

Don’t mess with Vermont! Alise is on the warpath fighting injustice involving BACON and bigotry. Listen to the controversy and weigh in. Marcus tries to stay apolitical but Alise is taking bets that he can’t help himself. Homework for this episode is reading the Seven Days article about all the BACON backlash and Sneakers Bistro in Winooski, Vermont.

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One thought on “#40 – Special Report: Sneakers Bistro

  1. I have read the article and opinions set forth of this “controversy”. I have listened to this episode. First, I am shocked, SHOCKED, I say, that Alise bothered Marcus enough to encourage him to feverishly rush home to do a show. (This May or may not be true.) I AM NOT shocked that Alise took up the mightiest of all weapons that man has created to fight for this cause…the pen.
    This country’s economy is based on capitalism which is fueled by entrepreneur and marketing. Though we do have the right to speak for what we believe to be true. We do not necessarily have the right fuel bigotry, racism and hatred towards others based on their eating styles,religions and/or lifestyles. This country is a melting pot of all cultures and religions. For the most part, we live in harmony because we enjoy our freedoms the constitution provides us. Like in relationships, we must give and take in order to maintain a healthy community.

    I choose to wait and listen for a new episode as I cook my pork shoulder in the barbecue and fry my eggs and hash browns in the skillet. Until then, a good day to you.

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