#43 – In Bed with Ashley

This week we cover the Ashley Madison data hack, what that may mean for some couples and what exactly IS cheating. Seems to be a battle of the sexes on this one. The show ends with a bit of cheatin’ bacon. Don’t miss this one! **For adults only.* Alise swears ALOT.

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Hundred Foot Journey Marches Into Our Kitchen

Chettinad Pepper Chickenhi all!

This weekend we saw a great movie, Hundred Foot Journey with Helen Mirren. What a lovely film, food, love, France. *sigh* Marcus and I love Indian food. Marcus is especially fond of curry. I have been trying to impress him with curry recipes since we started dating. I am a bit embarrassed to say he turned up his nose to every one until last night.

Inspired by the movie and a bit loopy on muscle relaxants I set out to make this curry. I riffed a little on the recipe but it was a smashing success! Try the recipe AND go see the movie.

Love and lots of spice,


Curry Pepper Chicken from Saveur

Can you enjoy a dance when someone steps on your foot?

Just spent a great time exploring The Oregon coast and Seattle. I wish I could have stayed longer in Seattle since the city appears to have similar feel as Burlington, VT while being larger and more urban. I made it to the airport about 5 hours early for my flight. It was very handy to get a seat and early on the volunteer list. I was able to also find a charger for my iPad and access for my computer. For those of you who frequently travel, you will understand the challenge of getting a socket that you can be close enough to protect your belongings let alone just one that is available.

Now, these are all positive things, but someone has to ask… 5 hours? Seems a bit extreme for getting to one’s plane on time unless you are trying to get a stand-by flight. Well, I made it happen while having an enjoyable experience with my wife at a new foodie find.

For the regulars of the show and blog, you know this is always trying to cover our love of food and each other. I do love my wife. I do love discovering new and exciting places with extraordinary food. But, something was brought up. To be honest, I am not sure how it started, but it ran into a discussion about the balance we face being a mixed house with visiting kids, parents, step-parents, and all the eat of the family. Fingers pointed. Blame leveled. And, for me confusion becomes frustration. I got to the point where I said, ” I can’t fight anymore.”

I don’t know about you. But, I hit a limit when disagreeing. When I feel the original subject is lost, I have to bail. I am not equipped to fight sometimes when the topic is on a tangent. When I tried to eject I also suggested that if this was going to continue, I should just go to the airport.

Well, what is next? Don’t know. I can only say that I had over the last few days gotten closer with my wife. I had many moments of pure joy. We made each other laugh. We were in a positive place and I felt better about returning and taking on the world together. But in one moment, we left without words spoken. I got on a plane still confused. I feel down, because there was a suggestion of moving on. All the world was mine, but so quickly it feels gone.

Now, I am flying on a plane that is shaking like a martini, and my guts are questioning my survival. I will be ever so happy to be on the ground. Yet, I still have one my flight to finish this cross country trip.

Let me say this… I do love her. I do appreciate what she has brought to my life and my family. But, I think of my family as ours. I hate that a fact of life is that one oops can cover up a lot of accolades. Maybe I said something wrong. Maybe I let it go too far. We are passionate people.

Life is too short. Life to too precious. And, this is why I chose her. Because, life without her is less.

Like a Phoenix

I am not done yet. We will see what happens moving forward, but I have always loved doing the show. Alise and I had a bit of a blow out. As you might imagine we have had a hell of a couple weeks, and I think it blew up with some collateral damage like L&D. I am not committing Alise to this show or the blog, but I wish to continue it. So I will do my best to bring you something that hopefully you will enjoy and remind you that it is fun to be human.

Always take the high road. The view is better up there.